Our Family

Mike Dewey
Director of Brewing, CEO, Co-Founder

I'm a life long resident of the Queen City. I've been privileged to live, work and start a family here. I grew up in Mt Lookout taking things apart and putting them back together. If it had a bolt... Read More

Kathleen Dewey
President, Co-Founder

Born and raised in a suburb of Cincinnati. My educational background is in science, but I use very little of my paid education in my current profession as President of MCBC. Instead I utilize the... Read More

Roger Hill
Taproom Manager

Ready to escape the long, stressful hours of the bar industry and sales, I decided to start looking for a career that would allow me the flexibility and time to be a devoted dad to my newly born... Read More

Christine Kolowith
Special Events Coordinator

From Madison to Philadelphia, Seattle to San Francisco, Milwaukee to Columbus, and finally finding my home in Cincinnati, I have been on a craft beer mission for many years, through many cities,... Read More

Brett Smalling
Lead Brewer

I was born and raised in a small town in northeast Indiana but when I came to Cincinnati for college, I fell in love with this city. So I stayed here, and while working at La Terza Artisan Coffee... Read More

Jacob Thompson
Production & Packaging

Originally a student at UC Clermont, I began pursuing a Manufacturing Engineering degree. Unsure of my career path within that field, I decided to explore some of my other interests. Taking a... Read More

Scott Lau
Taproom Ambassador

Are We There Yeti? A Craft Beer Odyssey
My journey into the world of craft beer isn’t so unusual. After twenty years behind a desk, I decided I needed a change in vocation. Working in the... Read More

Katie Bryson
Taproom Ambassador

Tired of working in a Full-service restaurant, I decided to focus on learning more about beer. MCBC offered me that opportunity and has allowed me to learn more about beer while gaining... Read More

Our Family