Siegman's 1st Place Homebrew Released!

Siegman's 1st Place Homebrew Released!

We are excited to share the Big news! Chris Siegman-winner of the 2014 Oktobersbest Competition, Cincinnati's premier homebrew competition-and our lead brewer here at Mt Carmel has finally released his winning beer. He took the title of BEST IN SHOW, competing against 273 other entries. In collaboration with Blank Slate, his winning English Mild, named MILDS DAVIS was debuted this past weekend at Cincy Beerfest. Here is the inspiration behind his stellar beer:

"I have always been a fan of nice malty, sessionable beers. Nothing fancy or flashy, no frills or gimmicks. So my inspiration was to create a beer that fit this profile and the English mild fit the bill. I did a good amount of research on the style, took notes from other Brewers who had success brewing the style.
That was my first attempt at the style, but since then have brewed similar style beers including Southern English Browns which have had some success in competitions as well.
The name Milds Davis came about because I am a pretty big fan of music, I can't really say I am an expert on Miles Davis, but am familiar... and thought it was a good play on words (miles/mild) but also I thought that the beer had a certain malt complexity that played well with each other (caramel, chocolate and dark fruits etc), sort of like a melody of flavors."

It has not been determined whether or not he will be brewing his English Mild here at Mt Carmel, but it is available in the taproom at Blank Slate. Order a pint and support our talented brewer!

If you are an aspiring homebrewer, check out this year's 20th Annual Oktobersbest Competition, hosted by the Cincinnati Malt Infusers. Registration starts Sept. 1st and ends Oct. 10th. Test your skills and register at the link below!